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When is the last time you were happy with your performance in the arena?

Do you want a better relationship with your horse?

Are you struggling to keep your horse sound?

The PHA was built on research and data of a horses biomechanics and how they are built to work in every discipline

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At the performance horse academy We have a private online learning community to share your successes and challenges with a group of likeminded riders away from the scrutiny of social media.

We offer live learning sessions via 'zoom' to get all of your questions answered and get clarification regarding content provided.

Riders are seeing instant results. We can help you create action plans.  We have guaranteed results!  No more relying on terms like ‘feel’ and ‘horsemanship’.  Learn to assess if your horse is struggling with soundness.

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Our Goal at The PHA Is To:

Create better relationships between horse & rider.

Give you the tools to understand the difference between each horse.

Give you the tools to troubleshoot different issues in and outside the competition arena.

Keep your horses sounder and promote longevity.

Josie McMurtrey - Abilene, TX

Sam!  Your virtual workshop is a game changer for me!  The light bulb has come on in so many areas already.  I will always look at a set of papers, but I will never look at a horse’s confirmation the same again after what I’ve learned in your workshop.  Being a little self critical and applying the knowledge I’ve gained already to horses I wasn’t successful on makes me feel better as a rider, it wasn’t all me.  Those horses weren’t designed to be barrel horses!  This is enlightening and will hopefully put me closer to obtaining my goals so I won’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again!  I’m excited to keep learning through these lessons.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge with others!

Melissa Duff - Bassano, AB

I’ve learned… how to adapt to each horse I’m riding through the lessons of circles, and centre of balance. The importance of working the walk gate. Riding alone creates habits that get overlooked, and reinforcing, and learning is never ending. Having the visual from the early lessons locked in my head as I step in the saddle has made the actual riding time a lot more productive, as it’s taught specific focus to areas generally over looked in clinics I have attended. Adjusting to the natural movements of THAT horse first, regardless of the “drill”. Taking into consideration the body type and elements asked. All lessons have tweaked something, and a tool that was more than worth investing in.

Sam's Quotes

Samantha Winslow

These simple changes will help our horses move better, clock better and stay sounder.

Your horse was born to move properly and stay sound.  The humans issue is, they aren't all built to move and work the same.  Asking them to move and work in a way that goes beyond what their body is built to do comes with a price- and that is unsoundness.

We all have habits that feel 'right', simply because they are familiar and we have always done them!  You need to examine your actions, and make sure you are getting results and growth with them.

It is not in your horses' natural nature to lie to or manipulate a human.  Listen to what your horse has to say and take it at face value.

We are trying to change too many things at one time, wit both ourselves and our horses.  This creates confusion and clutter because we have no way to test what is working!  All masterpieces start with one tool, one colour and one brushstroke.

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